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The Little Free Pantry was an idea that started in May of 2016 in Fayetteville, AR, to support those dealing with food insecurity. The goal of this project was to bring the community together to provide easily accessible foods and goods to local individuals in need.

The Little Free Pantry (LFP) is a full-circle community effort to help those who aren’t easily able to meet everyday food and personal needs. Those in need are able to approach the LFP freely at any time of day to take anything they need, whether it be food or personal items, with no requirements to fill out an application or bring a photo ID.. Those who want to give are just as easily able to approach the LFP and leave whatever items they desire. The LFP silences the stigma and shame that divides folks who give and folks who need.

Why we're here


According to the Feeding America: Map the Meal Gap, approximately 75,450 individuals living in Douglas County suffer with food insecurity---or 14.2% of the general population.  While Sarpy County's rate is 10.8%, nearly 18,000 individuals continue to experience food insecurity. Sadly, many of those affected are children.  This astounding number of people needing assistance shows the importance of this project.

With multiple locations, more people have an opportunity to obtain these goods if unable to walk or drive to a local food pantry center. The convenience of this project ensures everyone has access to free food and useful items no matter the circumstance. 

How to get involved


 If you would like to have a pantry on your property, click the button below to fill out the application! We will build and install the pantry, and you will be responsible for stocking it throughout the year.  

If you are unable to have a Little Free Pantry on your property, you can still help stock the currently installed pantries with food and personal items! You can view the list of installed pantries at the bottom of this page.


How we started!

Current Locations

634 Willow Avenue, Council Bluffs


Refuge Church

3424 North 90th Street


Unity of Omaha

4944 Robin Drive, Bellevue


Bellevue Housing Authority

6528 Florence Boulevard


Private residence

1621 Corby Street


Private residence

3004 Belvedere Boulevard


Church of the Resurrection

Additional locations

5701 North 16th Street


Sherman Community Center

8214 Armstrong Circle (Bellevue)


Bellevue Housing Authority

3340 Fontenelle Boulevard


Private residence

7704 Sunset Drive (Ralston)


307 Hogan Drive (Papillion)


Private residence

110 West Eagle Street (Arlington)


Newest Locations

5024 Kansas Avenue


Private Residence

1807 Pinkney Street


Private Residence

227 N Spruce Street (Valley)


Valley Veterans Memorial Park

Nourishing our neighborhoods


 Our goal is to give without expectation or strings attached, allowing our neighborhoods to make positive change from the bottom up. 

How you can help


 If you don't have the time to shop, but would like to help, we are happy to accept financial contributions.  We will handle the shopping for you and will ensure that those in need will receive your blessing. 

Other ways you can assist


 We are always in need of your help.  If you have the ability to provide food, personal items, or you are handy with tools, please feel free to contact us.  We'll do the rest! 

Sponsorship Application

How to get a Little Free Pantry (New pantries are currently on 'hold')

(We are not adding any additional pantries at this time---Please check back later) 

Would you or your organization like to sponsor a Little Free Pantry?   If so, we will build and install it for you.  You and the community will help to keep it stocked.  Please fill out the application by clicking on the link below: 


Available downloads

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Open gable pantry design drawing (pdf)


Shed roof pantry design drawing #1 (jpg)


Shed roof pantry design drawing #2 (jpg)


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